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All our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them...


Welcome friends...we know how busy life can be & are pleased you took the time to discover what Tina Ross is all about.


The energy in your body, the energy in your aura, the energy of your beliefs & is everything! Through Tina's many offerings & talents - she can help you transform & grow!


Below she has created some unique packages where we can explore your unique energy & formulate some one-of-a-kind plans & intentions that will work perfectly for you.


After a session: you feel physically lighter, deeply relaxed & often an improvement in

any aches & pains. Energetically your Soul heals along with your energy centers & energy field. The changes & improvements are numerous. These sessions are nothing short of amazing & miraculous.


Can be done in person or at a distance!


Illuminate Package

- 4 Sessions


4 Sessions

- every 2 weeks for 2 months 


This package dives deep and gives a great deal of support to create change, healing & growth.  



Tina leads many online virtual classes so not only can you become a certified practitioner - but also lead yourself in your own healing journey in your life!

Click HERE for a list of

upcoming classes!

Tina Talks
- 4 Sessions 


4 Sessions

- 1 session a week - 4 weeks

Join Tina, for a 4 week series of learning, laughter and growth. For an hour and a half each
week we will gather together to talk/learn a specific topic, receive a reiki experience, and join in
a group share.



Single Sessions 

1.5 Hr. Session - $175 

1 Hr. Session - $145

A little look into challenges you may be facing - work life balance off or need a little guidance?


Tina can help!

tina talks-08.png

Shine Bright, Reiki Accelerator Program - NEW


8 Week Program

This 8-week program gives you the EXACT training and support you need to really make amazing progress and transformation in your life with Reiki and teaching Reiki.



Tina has been studying Reiki and the transformation of energy for over 9 years. In this time Tina has trained to become a Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master. Her integrative technique combines Reiki, Oracle Readings, Channeling, Crystals and Shamanism as well as working with the Akashic Records, Ancestry & Past Lives and the energy system of the body. Each session works with you and your energy centers and energy field to create release, clarity and ultimately transformation. It’s Tina’s belief that we can all heal and begin to live our lives from our Authentic Selves. Bringing our creativity and passion for life into clear focus. Trauma, conditioning and dormant energy in our system can transform and heal. We can live Vibrantly, Passionately and Lovingly. Tina’s journey with Reiki has taught her that our energy/frequency is the key to health, happiness, and authenticity. Heal the energy/frequency... transform your life. Reiki sessions and classes with Tina help people in a variety of ways. The body, soul and spirit cleanse, shift and evolve. People feel relaxed, clear and vibrant. They begin thinking and choosing in new ways. Opening up to the understanding that they are so much more than what we’ve been taught to believe. Karma from past lives harmonizes. Ancestral programming changes. And their energy field, chakras and body go through a deep cleanse, creating lasting change. Reiki helps release people from the past so that they can live vibrantly and authentically in the Now! I have witnessed over and over lives changing...people finding their path and courageously awakening to their true, authentic selves.




"I recently completed the ART classes taught by Tina. What an experience! Tina is such a great teacher, and so caring. I look forward to taking the Master class with her and highly recommend getting treatments from her if you get the chance. Its a game changer for sure!"

I recently had the pleasure of having a reiki session with Tina. It was an amazing experience. I was gently guided to release things that I had been suppressing and needed to let go. I would definitely recommend Tina.

Tina is a beautiful soul:) I see her monthly for Reiki and she has opened me up to so many positive experiences. She truly has wonderful gifts:) I also have taken her level 1 & level II Reiki classes. Every experience with Tina is a positive one:). I highly recommend Tina for any service she will not regret it!!!

I have had the pleasure of working with Tina for about a year now + the amount of healing, transmission + release has been nothing short of astounding! I have experienced both in person + distant sessions in which the impact of her healing remains unchanged. As I close my eyes within our sessions, I can feel as though she is in the same room even though she may be two provinces away!




For any inquiries, questions or comments, on classes sessions or more - feel free to reach out to Tina!

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