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Have a look at what others have said about Tina & her classes, Reiki services & guidance!


A student who attended Tina's Reiki class:

Her spiritual connection with the creator of all flows through her and helps hold space and be present for anyone up for the adventure for living life day to day on purpose.


Her materials are another helpful tool to really help with success of going within and or helping teach others once fully certified.


Her class rooms are a sweet bliss of a set up or online or on the phone she has this amazing aura of gentle peace and connection and still helps the transition in u to the next stage of your journey what ever that may be.


Oh to the journey ahead love in every moment and be open to learn and grow and be closer to your divine purpose and wholeness.


Love love love her classes sessions etc.


Also please dont let the cost get in your will change your life and you are worth it. I almost did and I would have missed out . Investing in yourself changes your path and helps u grow in understanding and love for u while bringing true healing.


Go for it 1 level at a time or two at a time....what are u going to do? Are u up for the challenge of living the best life u can? Continue the journey with tina.


Thanks....big hugs virtually are being such a container for growth of the divine purpose.


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